Solarious' Metaphysical Marketplace

Every Wednesday at 4:00 PM EST I will have an auction at the Land of Odz Live Auction site, the greatest shopping auction site available today.

The Land of Odz has 13 - 15 live interactive auctions EVERY day! You can shop directly from the auction catalogs. Place a proxy bid if you are unable to attend the auction; or get dressed in your Victorian Best and enjoy a spot in the VIP section in any auction. The Land of Odz Live Auctions has EVERYTHING from A to Z in every language. Honest reliable sellers and happy customers come together at the Land of Odz Live Auctions.

If you visit The Land of Odz you can search for my auctions from the Auction Catalog link after you log in (registration is free, and you can visit and look around as a guest before you decide to join).

Rather than trying to remember the dates and having to search for Solarious' Metaphysical Marketplace Auctions, you can get our Auction Alerts to keep up with the monthly updates.

Near the end of each month I will send out an alert that has direct links to the next month's Auction pages. Then, every Tuesday evening I will send a reminder for the next day's auction and include that direct link.

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