About Us

Something for Everyone started out as Joy's dream to have a brick and mortar store.
Mark suggested trying the fairs and festivals that were around, and we started out in pursuit of the dream.

One Spring Saturday in 2011 we loaded the back of a pickup with some merchandise and high hopes, and set up at a table in the gymnatorium of a local school. Attendance was very poor due to the cold, rainy day, lack of advertising before the event, and the lack of any signs indicating there was an arts and crafts show inside. We did not sell anything but we did get some ideas about how to set up and display our wares that we had not thought about. We knew that we could build on those ideas and at the NEXT fair we would...

We have been vending at fairs and festivals ever since that fateful day.

Our inventory started to move away from the cute, family-friendly decorations and displays (that we thought everyone would want) when Joy brought in incense and a couple of dragon figurines. People really liked the unique items, and we started adding our favorite things to the table.

Over the years our inventory has grown and expanded to include fragrance oils, crystals and gems, and unique handmade jewelery, spell kits and even portable altars. As the inventory has changed, so has our base of operations. We moved to upstate New York and have morphed into primarily an online shop. We still travel to shows and fairs, but the home Tarot Parties and online sales keep us busy.

If you are looking for something that you saw at our booth, you will probably find it in our Etsy Shop or our Bonanza Booth. If you are looking for something that you haven't seen at our booth, drop us a line at shopkeeper@s4e1.com or call us at 631-913-3973. We will be happy to help you find it!

If you are interested in booking a Tarot Party, visit www.starcattarot.com or email Mark@StarcatTarot.com